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1. How do I submit information to personalise the videos/letters?

Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email which will have a link to a form. Follow that link and you can fill in your details there. We cannot process your order until this form is complete so we advise to complete this as soon as possible!

2. When will I get my video?

We are working through the videos to personalise each one! These will be sent out to your email that you made your booking with. From there you can download it and keep it to watch over and over again! Although we can’t give you a certain date we can guarantee all orders will be with you before Christmas Eve.

3. Is the video sent to my email address?

Yes the video will be sent to you via email and from there you can download it to keep. 

4. When will I get my letters?

We work through our all of our letters in batches. Our next posting date will be mid-December. We can’t tell you a specific date however we can guarantee all letters will be posted in good time of Royal Mail guidelines to arrive on or before Christmas Eve. 

5. Can I still order videos?

Unfortunately we have reached our maximum capacity and the videos are now sold out. But thankfully we can continue to offer letters up until 13th December so get your orders in before then!

6. Will the letters come addressed to the children?

Yes each letter is addressed to your child personally. 

7. Can I still get letters?

Yes we will keep these up on our website until 13th December. After that we will be closing in order to process all orders to be out in time for Christmas!

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